Diner Journal

Diner Journal is an independent magazine with original art, lit and recipes, published by Brooklyn restaurateur Andrew Tarlow of Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Roman’s, Marlow & Daughters, Achilles Heel, She Wolf BakeryReynard, The Ides and Marlow Goods.

The journal is produced by a group of people from our community of restaurants. Ad-free and three hole-punched since 2006.


Andrew Tarlow       |       Publisher

Anna Dunn        |      Editor-in-Chief

 Becky Johnson        |   Art Director

Scarlett Lindeman    |     Recipe Editor

Julia Gillard       |        Photo Editor

Sven Del Vecchio       |       Sales and Distribution

Leah Campbell      |       Deputy Editor

Jess Arndt     |    Editor at Large

Millicent Souris     |    Editor at Large

Sarah Gaskins   |   Contributing Editor

Paul Zablocki    |     Contributing Editor

Emma Mannheimer     |    Media Editor

Evan Dunn     |    Relatability Editor

Lars Karlsson    |     Solutions Director

Diner Journal 85 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11249  718-486-3077