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Welcome Frances Elaine McCarthy

We love you already! Congratulation Cass and Joe on the arrival of dear Frances. Born at home, 21.5 inches and 8lbs 12 oz on October 14th.


open space
for whats in your heart and whats on your mind
stories, songs, meditations, personal check ins, local and world news updates
proposed action and inaction plans for more love
doors close at 9
bring it
81 broadway, 3rd floor, 11249

Scarlett and Michael Rule

Spaghetti Carbonara from Endgame Films on Vimeo.

Thank you, Maurice Sendak

Scarlett experiments w/ making pectin

Stay tuned.

Portrait of an Artist

Marlow and Sons and Stephen Rogers have been featured on Oliver Strand’s T Magazine blog, Ristretto. Read more here

de Bartoli Dinner in the Airstream!

Come join us for an amazing event Monday night at 7pm in the airstream behind the Diner.

From Chambers St Wines:

What better way to cope with the now frigid climate in New York than with a six-course dinner featuring the wonderful Sicilian wines of the De Bartoli family? Recognized for his commitment to native Sicilian grape varieties, Grillo and Zibibbo, the iconoclast Marco De Bartoli was also well-known for his love of all things on wheels. His collection of antique cars, motorcycles and motorinos is legendary. Marco passed away last March, but his sons Renato and Sebastiano, with the help of their sister, Gipi, still run the estate following their father’s passions and tradition. Please join us on Monday Januray 23rd as Sebastiano De Bartoli presents their great wines “a tavola” at Diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We couldn’t think of a better place to honor Marco’s work than in the completely outfitted Airstream. This will be fun. The price: food, wines, tax, tip included is $125. There is limited space; please contact Leah to make a reservation: Or, if your Monday evening is booked, please join us at Chambers Street Wines from 4-7pm on Saturday, January 21st, for a tasting of these wines.

Hakurei from Faye at Daughters