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John Lautner; Elrod House, 1968

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St. Patrick’s Day

Did you hear about the leprechaun who worked at Diner? He was a short order cook.

Happy St. Paddy’s readers, time to get rowdy!

Best start and/or finish the day with a homemade, boozed-up spin on McDonald’s terrifying Shamrock Shake.


Check out this guide to your shake dreams, complete with fresh mint syrup.

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La Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence


We were incredibly inspired by the Matisse show at MoMA.

Here is his stained glass design at the Dominican chapel in France.

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American Songbook

We are so excited for Diner Journal friend Steven Reker to appear in the American Songbook series at Lincoln Center this Friday, February 27.

“Brooklyn-based artist Steven Reker marries indie rock melodies and irresistible movement for an infectious blend of pop music and performance art. An alumnus of David Byrne’s touring band, composer for choreographer Jodi Melnick’s recent work at BAM, and guest musical curator for PS122, the interdisciplinary performer and founder of the music-dance project People Get Ready presents brand new material and invites shared exploration of an entirely new genre.”

It’s gonna be grrrrreat! Buy your tickets.

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Robert Irwin



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Thursday musings

who are you,little i

(five or six years old)

peering from some high

window;at the gold

of november sunset

(and feeling:that if day

has to become night

this is a beautiful way)

e.e. cummings

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People, get ready…


In the darkest of winter times, Diner Journal fights on to bring you visual and edible pleasure.

Gears are turning on issue 30! Bring it on dirty thirty.

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Road Burgers

We’ve kinda got a thing for the rundown burger joints you find on long distance drives, when a mediocre patty tastes like a million bucks in your mouth.


This one discovered on a winding drive across Washington. A shocking amount of milkshakes were consumed.

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Processed with VSCOcam

One of those magic moments where New York feels like Paris.

This beauty found on 29th St. off Broadway.

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