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She Has Arrived…


A sentiment. A lyric. Sonny’s glass of scotch and milk on the piano. Music embarrasses us and I love that about it. Diner Journal’s music issue is a meditation not only on sentimentality, flexibility, mimicry, karaoke, astrology, opera and heavy metal, but also hash browns, vinegar chicken, and sugar steak with blackened peppers.

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Urban Ag Class at Marlow & Daughters

Professor Greyson returned with her awesome summer session NYU Urban Agriculture class. They toured Daughters, Marlow & Sons, and Diner, learning about how we do what we do and asking great questions. It was an inspiring day for everyone!

Here is Christian describing the je ne sais quoi of grass fed and finished beef.



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Bike Yard at Marlow & Sons

photo 2 copy


A ton of people got hooked up with the perfect knowledge share/summertime tune-up Thursday afternoon when Bike Yard guru Austin Horse, rolled up into the bike corral in front of Marlow & Sons. Bike Yard is mobile co-operative bike repair– they bring the tools and guidance, it’s collaborative. You need to check it out.




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NYU Food Studies x Marlow & Daughters


photo 3


We loved hosting Prof. Amy Bentley and Laurel Greyson and the class of professors from around the country learning about Food Studies last week! Thank you for visiting!

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The Grand Aioli

We’re bringing back our late Spring-Summer Monday night special– the Grand Aioli.  It’s a large appetizer plate. Perfect to share, something for everyone to be excited about after their beach weekend. The ingredients change every week depending on what produce and fish are super fresh — vegetables battered and fried or salty and blanched, marinated or pickled little fish, all hanging around a big bowl of garlicky mayo.

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Happy 1st Birthday, Achilles Heel!


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Issue 24 Is so here


Welcome Frances Elaine McCarthy

We love you already! Congratulation Cass and Joe on the arrival of dear Frances. Born at home, 21.5 inches and 8lbs 12 oz on October 14th.


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