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Recipe Editor Scarlett Lindeman and Hermes the Caped Cat

tumblr_nraoyp3XZz1rytqsoo1_1280Photo by brother and photographer Jake Lindeman!

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Diner Journal in De Standaard

De Standaard

We love our readers in Brooklyn, by the Great Lakes, down south, out west, and those Diner Journal fans across the ocean!  Dutch publication De Standaard recently profiled 6 international food magazines that are near and dear to their hearts, Diner Journal being among them! Take a look at the spread above or check out the article on their blog.

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Urban Ag Class at Marlow & Daughters

Professor Greyson returned with her awesome summer session NYU Urban Agriculture class. They toured Daughters, Marlow & Sons, and Diner, learning about how we do what we do and asking great questions. It was an inspiring day for everyone!

Here is Christian describing the je ne sais quoi of grass fed and finished beef.



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Issue 24 Is so here


Hurricane Sandy Tree Salvage Project Fundraiser

Hundreds of thousands of trees fell during Hurricane Sandy. With the sawlogs that we are salvaging from these trees we are milling thousands of board feet of lumber, eliminating tons of “waste” from our landfills, and filling a demand for local wood products without cutting down a single healthy tree.

Increasing severe weather events and the inevitable decimation of 7% of Orange County’s forest due to the Emerald Ash Borer will create an abundance of dying and downed trees. For us, that means continuous tree reclamation efforts for years to come, and the immediate need to grow our operations so that we can transport, process, store and distribute all of this wood.

We ask you for your financial support to help us get our small business to the next level. Our goal is to raise $23,000. 10% of the wood that we process goes back into community projects.

For more information on this wonderful organization visit www.newyorkheartwoods.com and to donate click here



A big thank you to Bon Appetit Magazine for including Diner Journal in their 25 Food Trends for 2013, at #22 Indie Food Mags to Read.

The rest of the list is impressive too, check it out here


Brooklyn Magazine recently caught up with designer Derick Holt to talk about his trials and tribulations, and his foray into design in New York City.

Derick began his relationship with the Diner family through dishwashing yet quickly grew to all things design and identity.

Thank you for designing such a beautiful and original relationship along the way.

For the Brooklyn Magazine full article, “From Dishwasher to Designer” click here


Group show with works from Jee Young Sim, Johnny Edlund, Damon Ginandes & Dennis McNany

Thursday Dec. 13th. 8PM 3rd Floor above Marlow & Sons

Wine, Beer, Good Folks, Sweet Jams.

This Must Be The Place.

81 Broadway, Brooklyn 11211


Spotted at Grandma and Grandpa’s



Time is running out to contribute to LDBA art school. There are less than 3 days left.

Please help make a difference in education and the arts, and receive LDBA gear, classes, artwork, clothing and more.

Also, if you are in the New York area, come out and PARTY FOR THE ARTS! Monday November 5th, 9:30 at Donna’s 27 Broadway, Brooklyn NY.

LDBA dance party including a silent auction, raffle, and drink specials

Happy Birthday Sara!

 Donate to the LDBA Kickstarter here.