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Recipe Editor Scarlett Lindeman and Hermes the Caped Cat

tumblr_nraoyp3XZz1rytqsoo1_1280Photo by brother and photographer Jake Lindeman!

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Let’s help the Rockaways!

The boardwalk is gone. The Rockaways were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

To help the cause, Abbie J. Zuidema is selling prints of her Rockaway Beach Map on Etsy for $35 a copy, plus $5 shipping.

100%-All proceeds from the sale of this map will go to the rebuilding of the Rockaways.
This is an archival print of the original watercolor painting of the Far Rockaway that was made for Edible Queens, Issue 12, Summer 2012.

Featured in “Best of the Boardwalk” this watercolor map showcases some of her most favorite people on the beach. Motorboat & the Big Banana, DiCosmos, Rockaway Taco, Rippers, Connolly’s, Veggie Island/And Coffee & Caracas.

“The Rockaways is special place for us. My husband Josh has been surfing out there for years. Better yet, it’s where his mom & dad fell in love. Janet & Harvey (his parents) spent summers out there with their families during its heyday. They stayed in the bungalows, hung out on the boardwalk & played on the beach.”

Printed on professional printing paper; heavy weight, archival and acid free 8.5 x 11

For more information visit the Etsy shop here


There are so many ways to help. This Must Be the Place is still accepting warm clothing, ready to eat, food, cleaning supplies and so much more.

Here are other places in Williamsburg that we are in communication with where you can drop things off if they are closer to you:

Malin Landaeus Vintage – 157 north 6th
Mociun – 224 wythe ave
Pilgrim Surf – 68 north 3rd St
Thousands of Picnics – 171 south 4th
Here’s a link to information about volunteering: check it often if you’re looking to give your time, the needs are changing. http://interoccupy.net/occupysandy/



Issue No.1 Fall 2006. Recipe by Elizabeth Schula

It is decidedly Fall now, which means there’s no better time to brush the sand from our feet and step back into baking. We’re revisiting our very first issue for a simple and hearty cookie- a perfect companion for these cooler days.


1 cup buckwheat flour

1 cup flour

2/3 cups sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup cold butter cut into cubes

2 egg yolks slightly beaten

Turbinado sugar (for rolling the cookies in)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Sift the flour, sugar, salt and baking powder together. Cut in the cold butter. Add in the egg yolks and knead briefly to combine. Chill the dough for an hour. Make little walnut sized balls and roll in turbinado sugar. Place on a parchment lined sheet tray and press in a nice pattern with the lines of a fork. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes until the edges start to brown. 


Illustration-Diner Journal Issue No. 8 by Elizabeth Schula

Summer is upon us and there is no better time to open our Diner Journal archives and recreate this simple and refreshing recipe-perfectly chilled for warm gatherings outside.


Crudo of Fluke or Bass

2# fresh fluke or wild striped bass


extra virgin olive oil

sea salt

1 fresh jalapeno


Make sure fish has been skinned and de-boned. Slice the filet of fish in half lengthwise. If using fluke there will be a natural separation in the center of the filet, which yields 2 very manageable pieces.

Lay fish flat on a cutting board and with a good sharp knife slice fish on an angle as thinly as possible in one smooth stroke drawing the knife towards you. This is not as difficult to do as it may seem and while it’s nice to get a very thin slice, the fish is just as good if it’s a little thicker, within reason. Lay slices out in a single layer on a serving platter and squeeze plenty of lemon over the fish and then a round of olive oil. Sprinkle fish evenly with fresh jalapeno.


Serve and Enjoy!


Scarlett and Michael Rule

Spaghetti Carbonara from Endgame Films on Vimeo.

Spring Recipe! Radishes and Feta

Flipping through some old issues of DJ for lunchtime inspiration, we decided to whip up a simple, Spring recipe from Issue No. 7 — “Goats, Gods, Gays.” The original recipe is a radish, mint and goat feta salad. We’ve made some substitutions based on the ingredients we could find at Marlow & Daughters today.

1 bunch radishes
1 small bunch mint, rough chopped
goat feta
extra virgin olive oil

1 bunch radishes
no mint
sheep feta
extra virgin olive oil

We cleaned the radishes and cut them into quarters, saving the greens, crumbled the feta and squeezed out the juice of a lemon and mixed it all together with a little extra virgin olive oil. Instead of topping the salad with mint we made use of the radish greens. We also left off any added salt and pepper since sheep feta is a bit saltier than goat and the radish greens add some spice where the pepper would have.


Bevels, Burrs, Stones and Steels

Yesterday’s knife skills class at This Must Be the Place was a blast! Reynards’ butcher Andrew Dorsey (formerly of Marlow & Daughters) taught Kickstarter backers all about single and double bevels and what to do when you have burrs.

Also, JB Prince knives awesomely donated stones and steels to all participants! We hope to have more classes like this one soon. Stay tuned!

Kickstarter Reward: Knife Skills 101

image credit: Rachel DeLotto for Brokelyn

After meeting our kickstarter goal, thanks to all of you amazing people, We’re excited to start fulfilling our rewards. First up, Marlow & Daughters senior butcher Andrew Dorsey offered to teach a class in knife skills with the help of JB Prince. More than slicing and dicing techniques, Dorsey will let class-goers in on the best and easiest ways to maintain their utensils.

More classes, rewards, shows, subscriptions, love to come!