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Time is running out to contribute to LDBA art school. There are less than 3 days left.

Please help make a difference in education and the arts, and receive LDBA gear, classes, artwork, clothing and more.

Also, if you are in the New York area, come out and PARTY FOR THE ARTS! Monday November 5th, 9:30 at Donna’s 27 Broadway, Brooklyn NY.

LDBA dance party including a silent auction, raffle, and drink specials

Happy Birthday Sara!

 Donate to the LDBA Kickstarter here.



The Story:

L’ Ecole Des Beaux Arts (LDBA) was started because even with a degree in fine art, I had difficulty in finding the instruction, information and tools I needed to continue to grow and become a better artist. I noticed that the same was true for my friends and neighbors, most of whom are also artists, innovators, and creatives. As I started a dialogue with them, the need became clear: we needed a kind of two-fold community institution. Yes, we needed place where we could obtain artist supplies and tools, but we needed it to include an open studios educational element – a space that would provide classes taught by local, community experts for adults and children alike. The response was overwhelming. People came out of the woodwork wanting not just to share their expertise, but wanting to continue their own educations by enrolling themselves and their children as well.


For more information on this project visit the Kickstarter page here

Kickstarter Cylops Drawings En Route

We Cyclopes care not a jot for Zeus with his aegis, nor for the rest of the blessed gods, since we are much stronger than they…

Kickstarter contributors, look out for your Cyclops drawings a-la Andrew Tarlow.

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Prepping Our Kickstarter Rewards Packages!

Bevels, Burrs, Stones and Steels

Yesterday’s knife skills class at This Must Be the Place was a blast! Reynards’ butcher Andrew Dorsey (formerly of Marlow & Daughters) taught Kickstarter backers all about single and double bevels and what to do when you have burrs.

Also, JB Prince knives awesomely donated stones and steels to all participants! We hope to have more classes like this one soon. Stay tuned!

Kickstarter Reward: Knife Skills 101

image credit: Rachel DeLotto for Brokelyn

After meeting our kickstarter goal, thanks to all of you amazing people, We’re excited to start fulfilling our rewards. First up, Marlow & Daughters senior butcher Andrew Dorsey offered to teach a class in knife skills with the help of JB Prince. More than slicing and dicing techniques, Dorsey will let class-goers in on the best and easiest ways to maintain their utensils.

More classes, rewards, shows, subscriptions, love to come!

Many, Many Thanks!!!!

Illustration by Ted Mineo

We would like to offer a personal thank you shout-out to a few lovely people for donating funds to the This Must Be the Place Kickstarter campaign! We couldn’t have made our goal without you and we’re so thankful that you found our project worthy enough of your contribution!

Many Thanks and Much Love To

Alexander Whitehead
Allyson Van Dyck
Corrine Fitzpatrick
Emily Sogner
Jamie Bowerman
Kelly Young
Ksenya Samarskaya
Lucy Teitler
Mccalls Marshall
Melissa Wong
Riffard Jeangilles
Rose Bothomley
Ted Power
Jessica Del Vecchio
Matt Ruskin
Melissa Rafford
Danielle Dandrige
Millicent Souris
Joe McCarthy
Matt Helland
Emily Brandt
Kelly Carambula
Hugh Dunn
Amanda Elliott
Catherine Mahoney
Hellen Stillman
Denise Compton
Tim Brock
Reid Damnit
Jen Marshall
Sonya Kolowrat
Hugh Crickmore
Sophie Plitt
Anil Podduturi
Shelly Waldvogel
Chrysanthe Tenentes
Erin Detrick
Peter Jewett
Catherine Luke
Rachel Wharton
Honora Dunham
Merete Mueller
Finn Smith

More Kickstarter Rewards: Pie, Bitters, Cheese Slate! Thank You!!!

With two days left in our kickstarter campaign for This Must Be the Place our dear friends have donated some amazing new rewards that we’re so happy to offer you.

Brooklyn Slate Company donated 20 of their Special Edition Cheese Slates…

Nate Smith and Sophie Kamin at Allswell donated dinner for two at Allswell and two seasonal pies…

Marlow & Sons is offering up a selection of homemade bitters…

Photo of Nick Perkins in Diner by Julia Gillard

Marlow & Diner’s Nick Perkins and a fellow sous-chef are yours for one night and will assist you in creating the perfect dinner party!

New Kickstarter Rewards! Turn Wine into Vinegar with Scarlett

Got a couple of half-sipped-on bottles of wine around the dining room? Don’t pour those babies down the drain. Learn how to make your own vinegar at home. Diner Journal Recipe Editor Scarlett Lindeman wants to show you how.

Find out more HERE

…And thanks for the support thus far! Three days to go!!!