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Find ‘em now at Marlow & Daughters

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It’s bad

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Friday, oh Friday


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Stephen Burt


Things you know but can’t say,
the sort of things, or propositions
that build up week after week at the end of the day,

& have to be dredged
by the practical operators so that their grosser cargo
& barges & boxy schedules can stay.

The great shovels and beaks and the rolling gantries
of Long Beach, and of Elizabeth, New Jersey,
can keep their high and rigorous distinction
between on-time and late, between work and play.

“Since you excluded me, I will represent you,
not meanly but generously, with an attention
that is itself

a revenge, since it shows that I know you

better than you have ever known yourselves,

that if I could never have learned
how to be you, nor how to be
somebody you’d like to be very near, nevertheless

you could not do without me, or keep me away.”

Let’s keep on celebrating National Poetry Month. Have you discovered any new poets lately?

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Foodieodicals at Wythe

Come check out a slew of awesome indie food magazines at the Wythe today from 12-4!

So much good.

We’ll be waiting for you…



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Today’s the day

And it begins!

The Food Book Fair kicks off today and we’re ready for ya.

Come say howdy at the Wythe this weekend! Get all your info here.Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.20.35 AMDon’t forget to drop by Achilles Heel tonight for our after party. It’ll be the best yet.

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Poetry Month

Did y’all know April is not only the Food Book Fair, but also National Poetry Month? It was introduced by the Academy of American Poets in 1996 to increase poetry awareness.

Here is something beautiful to get you started.

Next Time Ask More Questions

Naomi Shihab Nye, 1952

Before jumping, remember
the span of time is long and gracious.

No one perches dangerously on any cliff
till you reply. Is there a pouch of rain

desperately thirsty people wait to drink from
when you say yes or no? I don’t think so.

Hold that thought. Hold everything.
When they say “crucial”—well, maybe for them?

Hold your horses and your minutes and
your Hong Kong dollar coins in your pocket,

you are not a corner or a critical turning page.
Wait. I’ll think about it.

This pressure you share is a misplaced hinge, a fantasy.
I am exactly where I wanted to be.

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After Party is the…

Diner Journal Party!

Lovelies, we want to get really acquaintedScreen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.39.41 AMPlease join us at Achilles Heel tomorrow beginning at 9 until way past your bedtime for more FBF revelry.

100% fresh, organic, local fun.

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omg, omg

When we remember the Food Book Fair begins tomorrow!!!!


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