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snow essentials


Currently subsisting on beet pickled eggs.

Check out the New York Times suggestions for snow day cooking.

Stay warm!


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Not many of us at DJ skateboard, but it is certainly something we can get behind especially when food is doing the shreddin’.


Parisian artist, Benoit Jammes, gives us all sorts of visual pleasures on his website. Our favorite is his photography series ‘skitchen’, which he describes as “the secret sporting life of our friends the fruits and vegetables”.

We asked Benoit to share some wisdom and here is what he had to say.


What gave you the idea to start the Kitchen Skate series?

 I knew that something was happening when I turned my back on my kitchen, so I decided to see what was going on in there.

Were you interested in food or skateboarding first?

 When you are young, food is the last thing you give importance to, but a cool skate trick is sooo cool. You now have the ranking.

How do you choose which fruits and veggies to feature in the pictures?

I feature those that I manage to capture in action when they don’t know that I see them doing some amazing slide. Got it!


What is your favorite meal to prepare?

 Red curry chicken, before a big skate session collapsing into my couch.

What is your favorite skateboard trick?

 900 triple kickflip to wake up in the morning.

 Is there an intended message behind your photographs?

 That veggies are worse than kids!

 Can we expect anything in the future from Kitchen Skate?

 Skateboarding is No Future, don’t you know that?


All photographs taken by Benoit Jammes.

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Whatta Year!

Grab your loved ones and create something tasty. Ring in 2015 with a full belly!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.11.40 PM

Chez Panisse menu featured in Diner Journal #20.

Thank you for your support and love this past year <3

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Transport to Summer II (#tbt edition)

Is there anything more beautiful than biting into your first ripe plum of the summer…sigh…

Summer salads vs. winter salads. What’s your opinion?

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DJ & Rock and Rye

Hey DJ-ers,

Our friends over at New York Distilling Company  have teamed up with us to help celebrate the release of issue 29!

Rock-and-Rye_NYDistillingCo_2014_021_RT-Edit copy

Buy yourself a journal and get a shot of Brooklyn’s own Rock & Rye.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces Wednesday 12/17 at Achilles Heel at 8!

Read more about Mister Katz’s Rock & Rye.

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Transport to Summer I

New York’s recent indecisive weather has got us dreaming a lil’ bit about summer…what about you?

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Diner Journal & The Irreligious Snows




There will be reading, drink and dance, oh my!

See you there ;)


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Getcha Hotcakes



On Thursday, December 11th at 8 pm explore 10,000 years of grain at Flux Factory with a time-traveling pancake potluck dinner…Is there any other way to time-travel?

Pancakes will be made with Einkorn, one of the earliest cultivated grains; Kernza, a perennial grain currently under development at The Land Institute in Kansas; and Corn flour, a contemporary staple grain. Bring a historical or futuristic tasty topping to enjoy with pancakes.

Arrive at 6:30 to check out and discuss Flux Factory’s new exhibit Kitchens & Capitalism.

Beautiful, let’s get thoughtful and fill our bellies with ‘cakes.

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Turkey Thyme

Pidgeon no 14

Make the most of your bird this Thanksgiving.

Pate of Turkey Innards no. 14

Recipe and illustration featured in Diner Journal no. 14.

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introducing foodieodicals

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.02.03 PM

Has the freakish speed at which the holidays are looming upon us got ya feelin’ stressed?

Looking for inspiration?

Foodieodicals has come to your rescue!

Since 2012, Foodieodicals has held it down once a year at the Brooklyn Food Book Fair peddling any and all food based publications they can get their hands on, helping to reinvigorate and excite us all.

Check out their awesome blog and pop-up shop at Farm to People.



(Image credit: Foodieodicals)

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