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Apple fever

Now, invite your friends over and get down to business.

apple core no 3

We love the classics! Recipe from Diner Journal no. 3.

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Sometimes New York feels like…

dock no 21

Photograph featured in Diner Journal no. 21.

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Sugar Mutts Rescue

Cold weather makes us want to do nice things.

Help support Sugar Mutts in opening a cage-free rescue/adoption center in Brooklyn!


Join Sugar Mutts at their fundraiser this Saturday from 1:00pm-6:00pm for food trucks, puppies, alcohol, puppies, live music, raffles, puppies and puppies.

If you are unable to attend the event and still would like to help out, donations can be made here.


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Sarah Still Rox

Check out Marlow & Sons manager Sarah doing her thing in her latest video! Could it get any better??

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SUPPER time, honey!

More exciting news from our partnership with SUPPER.mx!

Diner 1

Achilles Heel 4 Adrian Gaut

Take home the sounds of Diner & family with the playlists put together by our fantastic music curator, John Hale, exclusively up on SUPPER! Find your favorite playlist below.

Achilles Heel. Diner. Ides at The Wythe. Marlow & Sons. Reynard at The Wythe. Roman’s. 

Don’t forget, Diner Journal loves ya baby.

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The Amazing Sarah Roxanne Shields

Check out beautiful Marlow & Sons manager Sarah Roxanne Shields getting down to The Pointer Sisters!

Find more of her awesome moves here: http://www.youtube.com/user/sarahroxanneshields

See y’all this evening for more music and dancing!


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Supper ♥ DJ #28



We know you like food.

We assume you like hip-shaking, body-rocking, face-melting tunes.

Check out the post on Diner Journal over at our pal, Supper, where food and music go hand-in-hand! http://supper.mx/supper-presents-exclusive-diner-journal-playlists-to-issue-28-hear-me/

We will see you tonight at Achilles Heel at 7:00p.m. to celebrate #28 and all things good.

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Songs to Draw From — Diner Journal 28



See you TONIGHT at Achilles Heel at 7:00p.m. for the Diner Journal 28 release party!

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Elementalists — Diner Journal 28


Photo by Joshua Wiles


“Instrumental guitar music hasn’t been considered popular music for about fifty years, so those who make it are risking insignificance. In the past decade, a few guitar players have emerged who can summon and shred the void. Within a form that could be relegated to wallpaper and kitsch, they have invested skin and fire.” — John Hale

Diner Journal 28 release party TOMORROW at Achilles Heel, 7:00p.m..

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