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Imagining what it would be like to be Donald Judd sleeping under a Dan Flavin each night.

Not getting very far.

image: nytimes.com

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Wednesday Groove

Finally understanding what a magic human Björk is after visiting the MoMA retrospective on her work.

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Let’s make it through monday


Check out this recipe for a Hole in the Fence to get your week going right. Feel free to indulge morning or night, we won’t tell.

PUNCH is an online magazine focused on narrative journalism about wine, spirits and cocktails. What’s not to love!

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Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 2.19.57 PM

Has anyone seen a green sausage before???

Get these delicious curiosities in time for Mother’s Day at Marlow & Daughters now!

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Weekend Tips: Wear Sunscreen

Don’t waste your time on jealousy
Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind
The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself
Remember compliments you receive, forget the insults, if you succeed in doing this, tell me how
Keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements

Enjoy your body, use it every way you can
Don’t be afraid of it or what other people think of it
It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own
Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your own living room
Read the directions even if you don’t follow them

An essay written in 1997 by Mary Schmich, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, accompanied by a Baz Luhrmann created film.

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DJ attempts Love: I

“Eternal love does not exist. Even the strongest passion has its span of life. When its time comes, it dies, and a new love is born.”

“That’s the very reason why love is eternal,” concluded João Fulgêncio, “because it is forever renewed. Passions die, love remains.”

–Jorge Amado, Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon

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Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.15.32 AM

Ugh, it’s too true. Where’s your favorite spot to get greasy?

image: wildfox.com

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Let’s flamingle

IMG_9411 (1)

Woah. In awe of this gorgeous flamingo wallpaper found in Gowanus.

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Apple, darling Apple


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.17.18 AM

Ode to Apples

To you, apple,
I want to
celebrate you
filling me
with your name
With my mouth,
by eating you.

You are new like nothing
and no one,
freshly fallen
from Paradise:
and pure
flushed cheek
of the dawn!

How difficult it is to
with you
the fruits of the earth,
the cellular grapes,
the dark mangoes,
plums, submarine figs:
you are pure ointment,
fragrant bread,
cheese of the

When we bite
Round your innocence
We return
for a moment
To be
also newly created creatures:
Then we have something of the apple.

I want
a total abundance
The multiplication
of your family,
I want
a city,
a republic,
Mississippi river
of apples,
and on its banks
I want to see
The whole
of the World
united, reunited,
in the simplest act of the land:
biting an apple.

–Pablo Neruda


image source: atdownunder.com

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Get yer ramp on!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.24.47 AM

Find ’em now at Marlow & Daughters

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