Diner Journal


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New Work for the Desert conceptually and choreographically embraces the act of homage as inextricably woven into our desire to create something new. The creative momentum for this project began a year ago during a two-month residency at Arizona State University by myself.

During that time, alone in the Southwest desert, I found myself ruminating on two important artistic influences in my life: Trisha Brown & James Turrell. The personal impressions and selected memories I have of their work have over the years become a well of inspiration, which I am always, carefully dangling my feet in. Since that formative residency in Arizona, this project has steadily become an opportunity for me to move deeper into that well and New Work for the Desert, is all the wading, swimming and flailing I’ve needed to keep my head above water!

 The broader experience of art inspiring art has fueled and steered this creative project from the start. In addition to raising some much needed funds, I hope this campaign can also highlight a community of non dance related artists who inspire me and have donated their creative skills to help me offer you some pretty great rewards! Each reward tries to extend the life and scope of New Work for the Desert through new artistic creations and social exchanges.

-Beth Gill

Learn more about the artists involved, watch the video and donate to the New Work For Desert Kickstarter here!


Bevels, Burrs, Stones and Steels

Yesterday’s knife skills class at This Must Be the Place was a blast! Reynards’ butcher Andrew Dorsey (formerly of Marlow & Daughters) taught Kickstarter backers all about single and double bevels and what to do when you have burrs.

Also, JB Prince knives awesomely donated stones and steels to all participants! We hope to have more classes like this one soon. Stay tuned!